A special suite that recreates the world of Naruto, the famous anime series, is now available at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa!

©Masashi Kishimoto, Scott/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Pierrot

Long ago in FUJI Hidden Leaf Village, there was a place where renowned shinobi went through their training.

This place was built long ago by the founder of the Ninja Creed known as the Sage of the Six Paths for his sons Indra and Asura. It’s said that he stored a special chakra here.

Everyone who underwent the rigorous training at this place all left their names in history as legendary shinobi.

The name of this place is...

Shinobi no Ma

Receive your Training Procedure at the reception desk, go through a type of training known as lodging at the legendary place of training in FUJI Hidden Leaf Village called Shinobi-no-Ma, and overcome the challenges thrown at you!

Room features
[This room offers both the Yo-no-Ma and the In-no-Ma in a single room.]


A room designed based on the Yang Release chakra.

This chakra symbolizes the sun, and the interior design is based on the motif of the protagonist
NARUTO UZUMAKI, who was entrusted with the power of Yang Release
from the legendary the Sage of the Six Paths.

  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma
  • Yo-no-Ma




This room draws a sharp contrast with the Yo-no-Ma in that moon motifs
and cold color tones are used to represent SASUKE UCHIHA, Naruto's rival,
who was given the power of Yin Release from the legendary the Sage of the Six Paths.

  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma
  • In-no-Ma





Exclusive amenities A must-have!

Get the exclusive amenities that only true shinobi who underwent training can get their hands on!

  • Yukata (Hokage)×1Yukata (Hokage)×1
  • Yukata (Akatsuki)×1Yukata (Akatsuki)×1
  • Kunai-shaped comb×2Kunai-shaped comb×2
  • Scroll face towel×2Scroll face towel×2
  • Headband pouchHeadband pouch×2

Staying guests will receive the exclusive amenities listed above.

*The number of exclusive amenities offered is fixed per room, and does not change according to the number of staying guests.

If you would like to purchase additional exclusive amenities, they are available for 10,000 JPY per set (tax not included).

【Additional exclusive amenities】

Yukata ×1 (Hokage or Akatsuki), kunai-shaped comb ×1, scroll face towel ×1, headband pouch ×1


Initiation into the shinobi arts for those who completed training with the Shinobi Certificate

Room details

  • Room details
  • Room details
  • Room details
  • Room specifications

    Capacity Two to six guests
    *For guests who are staying alone, book for two guests on the reservation site.
    (You will be charged for two guests.) (Please mention that you will be staying alone in the reference field.)
    Floor area 72m²
    Futon size Two futons: 120 cm (width) × 200 cm (length), four additional futons: 100 cm (width) × 200 cm (length)
    Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking
    Set period:
    Price per guest
    <From July 26, 2019 to March 31, 2020>
    *The price changes depending on the season and the day of the week.
    Two guests From 35,000 JPY
    Three guests From 23,333 JPY
    Four guests From 17,500 JPY
    Five guests From 15,200 JPY
    Six guests From 13,667 JPY

    The above price is the price per guest (room charge).

    The above price does not include meals.

    Check-in is at 3 p.m. and checkout is at 11 a.m.

    Baby crib: Free

    Please note that the cancellation fee will be applicable as soon as your reservation is complete.

    See here for operation information of Fuji-Q Highland *Be aware of regular closing days and the operational conditions of attractions.

    After you decide what days you will be staying, please let us know what time you want to use the restaurant.

    Please note that during peak seasons, we may not be able to serve as requested for guests who do not have reservations.

    The above price includes service charge and tax.

    Please note that the details and the prices are subject to change.

    A bath tax will be charged separately from the above prices for guests who are 12 years old or older.

  • Layout


    *The picture and layout of the room is an example of the above room type.

    *Please note that the amenities and furnishings may differ depending on the room.

    *This room offers scenic views of the Mount Fuji side.

  • Amenities

    • Original yukata (Hokage version)
    • Original yukata (Akatsuki version)
    • Original scroll towel
    • Original headband pouch
    • Original kunai-shaped comb
    • Indoor slippers
    • Children’s slippers
    • Toothbrush set
    • Shampoo
    • Hair treatment
    • Body soap
    • Shower cap
    • Cotton pads and swabs
    • Razors
    • Hotel soap
    • Comb
    • Hairband
    • Shoe polish paper
    • Laundry bag
    • Coffee set
    • Tea set
    • Green tea
    • Nightwear
    • Bathrobes
    • Shoehorn
    • Skeleton brush
  • Facilities and other amenities


    • Wi-Fi (free)
    • TV
    • Refrigerator
    • Bath
    • Toilet
    • Washbasin
    • Electric kettle
    • hand blower
    • safe
  • Information

    • Baby crib: Free
    • Check-in: 3 p.m.
    • Checkout: 11 a.m.
    • Laundry service (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) (fee charged)
    • Massage (fee charged)

Reservation method

Reservation method

Reservations must be made online. (We do not take reservations by phone.)

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